All Change

So apart from the short updates from twitter things have been a little quite here OnMeBus for a while although I’m sure by now you know that things are changing a little bit. OnMeBus will be hitting the road again soon and hopefully with more regular updates than there have been over recent months but the destination has now changed.
Where as before we were journeying through the world of youth ministry (and life as a youth minister) in rural Britain, after 10 years in youth ministry my journey is now hat of an Ordinand (training to priesthood within the Church of England).
Just to update you on where things are, I am now living in Nottingham about to start studying at St. Johns Collage for two years. OnMeBus’s new route will be travelling through Theological study, placements and exploration of all things Anglican.
So climb aboard, grab a seat and buckle up for the ride.

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