Friday lecture – Dawkins

Had a great Lecture on Friday, the first in a series looking at the story of Theology. We watched a video of Richard Dawkins proving that Christians were a bunch of awful people who went around killing people. He did this of course by taking a couple of verses of Old Testament completely out of context and then finding a dodgy fundamentalist with some different ideas of what scripture says to the rest of Christendom. Of course the man was very convincing, if he wanted to convince people he was a fool. How can anyone take this man seriously when all he does is find a single verse which if read incorrectly sounds really bad, it reminds me of a great quote I heard a few years back, “if you take the text out of context your just left with a con!” This man is supposed to be an intelligent chap yet if you tried to counter his argument with the same depth he uses I’m sure he’d shoot you down in flames yet because he has a PHD and is based in Oxford people assume he must be right, talk about an abuse of power!

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