Playing with Joomla… the future of OnMeBus

Well it would only be fair to say that OnMeBus has perhaps not been out on the road as much as it once was and it is perhaps time for a change. I have recently been trying out Joomla a little with the plan of moving my site over to this more adaptable content management however I think I am about to give up as can not work it out in the time I have available. Things are going to move and change around a bit though. When OnMeBus first started it was as a page on my other site ‘’ as it took off it moved to ‘’ as this became the main focus of my web presence and the notashamed domain ended up pointing to OnMeBus. I have recently been working on something for NotAshamed again although as mentioned above think I will be going back to wordpress which I do love and can work! This will see OnMeBus once again become part of and hopefully becoming a bit more active than it has been for a while now.

Thanks to those who have followed the journey so far and please keep checking back, this domain will point to the new site once it is up!

God bless.

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