Olympic inspirations

So it’s a week and a half since the first round of London 2012 came to an end (as in before we get the Paralympics start). As I reflect I am wondering how have you been inspired by those two weeks. Maybe it’s been Bolt and his incredible speed, Farah an his stamina. Maybe Jessica Ennis and her abilities across several sporting disciplines. How about Tom Daily and his ability to get in so many twists and turns an yet still be in position to make a tiny splash as he hits the water. For me having been a keen cyclist in the past this is where I found my inspiration, so many great cyclists and Bradley Wiggins is not by all accounts that much younger than me and so I find myself reflecting on all this man has achieved this year and asking myself, “if he can do it, could I, with a bit of effort maybe i could achieve sidies like that?”

Actually I know I can’t, but maybe I could get the bike out a bit more often!

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