It’s been a bit quiet…

I am aware that not much has been said or done here or on the facebook page for a while. Things have been a bit busy with finishing up Curacy in Warminster (including the inevitable and very sad goodbyes). Once that was done it has been the move and and trying to get settled ready for starting the new job (rapidly aproaching – induction is on Monday evening). 

So the future is very exiting as I step into this new role as Rector of Newton Longville, Mursley, Swanbourne, Little Horwood and Drayton Parslow. Please do pray for me in this role and as I seek with others here God’s leading as we grow and develop the ministry together. 

As for the Rev Simo performances, things will probably remain quite for a while but if you are interested in a show do get in touch. 

God bless


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