Light bulbs

I was just at a meeting at a friends house, as I put my coat on to leave I accidentally hit the lamp shade, not to worry, no damage was done to either party. I was asked not to steal the light bulbs, I thought this could be an interesting experiment, when visiting some ones house could you manage to steal a light bulb, even more interesting would they be prepared to challenge you on such a bizarre event taking place as a light bulb being stolen. My first thoughts are you might need to ask to use the bathroom as an easy target! Strangely enough after concocting the idea my friend refused to let me use his bathroom before I left. A bit random I know maybe it’s a comic relief thing, I’m not for one minute suggesting that anybody should try this as obviously theft is wrong, I just thought I would share my thoughts. (P.S. anyone game enough I would love to know how you get on!)

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