39 Years!

The last 2 and a bit weeks of onmebus has been a celebration of 39 years since Simon and Garfuncel released their hit “The sound of silence” I have done my best to recreate all that this track said in all my articles during this time, I hope you feel touched and moved by the experience!

On a more realistic note, I had a really busy week when I should have been off sick, one of the joys of ministry I suppose! Then a really stupid week feeling slightly better but trying to catch up, then a weeks holiday, which was much needed! I am now back, I feel much better health wise and refreshed from a hols and seeing old friends (went back up to Norfolk the place I call home!), I have my laptop up and running and today I take the bus for it’s MOT, things are looking up. Although it is another stupidly busy week. Thanks for your concerns over my health the two/three of you Kathryn , Sarah & Roy who took the trouble to wish me well. I shall be back soon hopefully with good news about the bus!

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