Just got back (well actually got back on Saturday) from a week away, great to be away, great to see friend and family but why did I agree to spend so much time driving? 24 hours in Hertfordshire, 2½ days Norfolk, 3 days Kent (with day trip into East Sussex) 730 miles this was not really a break! But it was good and I’m glad I did, could have done with a month though so we could have seen everybody we should really try and catch up with!

I couldn’t help but laugh when out in the car last night my son (almost two) decided to break into song repeating (kind of) one of the songs sung in Junior Church yesterday morning. “Our dog is a great big dog”, we don’t actually have a dog, nor do we intend to get one but hey!

Anyway on a slightly different note just got through details about Soul Net conference in Feb, anyone thinking about going?

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