School Days

Last Thursday Ian wrote about his visit down to Moorlands to see how they are equipping leaders of the future. Yesterday I was invited to a graduates lunch, a small gathering in Swindon to meet up with other graduates in the area and hear about some of the exciting things that are going on at our old college. There certainly are some exciting things happening, major redevelopment work with new facilities and accommodation on site, the library now has twice the capacity of when I was there and it was pretty good then (for a non reader anyway!) wireless internet throughout the site and a level of training that is absolutely superb, if you are looking for a gap year opportunity (or want to run a gap year and be able to offer some academic training as well) right up to MA level and all with a very practical outlook. They are also working on improving their level of support to graduates as well so that the Moorlands experience is not just something that lasts between 1 and 4 years but actually continues to support you in ministry and throughout your ministry. Great work, Thanks for the info and the Lunch it was great to meet up with others from Moorlands both new faces and old especially good to see Dave Edwins my old Evangelism lecturer and I also want to thank Moorlands for the fantastic training and I’m sorry I didn’t always appreciate it at the time.

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