As promised here it is the piece I’ve been threatening to write for a few weeks now, and today the final move in the ongoing saga was played so I can give you a completed story:-
A few weeks ago (due to the need to turn the study into a third bedroom with imminent arrival of third child) we ordered a cupboard to house the computer so that it could move into the living room (this is also helpful as our oldest is now getting to the age that he wants to use the computer). We ordered it on the Saturday for delivery on the Tuesday (some time between 8am and 6pm), needless to say Tuesday came and went but the cupboard didn’t. A phone call confirmed that it would be with us on Wednesday first thing, 4:30pm a driver arrived and tried to deliver half the cupboard, we refused it on the grounds that we wanted the whole thing not just half, another phone call and we are told that we should never been told first thing, and that the whole thing would be delivered the following day again the same time span. Thursday came and went and again no cupboard, this time excuse was because we had refused it the day before so whole things had been sent back to the warehouse and we would have to reorder, we reordered over the phone and we were told it would be delivered on Monday. Having gone out on Saturday we got home mid afternoon to find a card telling us they had tried to deliver it. Monday arrived and around midday we delivery driver arrives once again and tries to deliver one and a half cupboards, we just accepted the one. (I must add all these calls are to an 0845 number so I have to pay for the privilege as well). Upon putting the cupboard together we found that the 17” CRT monitor that it would take will only fit if you remove the base plate and balance it carefully on the shelf. A tower case of the size specified in the catalogue does fit but not if you want to plug anything into it so we had to take the back of the bottom of the cupboard. Lastly we had to move the catches for the doors as they would not close properly. The really frustrating thing is Argos are the only people who sell anything like this that will do the job we wanted it for!
Anyway today we had a letter in response to our written complaint with an apology (quite rare in this day and age) and £25 worth of vouchers plus we were refunded the delivery charge, so well done Argos for you after care customer support, you have taken a great step towards restoring our faith, only request, if we could have picked the cupboard up in the first place I’m sure it would have made life easier for all of us!

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