Hot Hot Hot!

I have to say I do love this weather, but when I have to be stuck in the office it is not quite so good, yesterday afternoon with the windows open and the fan going full speed my office was just over 34 degrees not the best for a productive afternoon, I think if’s it’s the same this afternoon I may work at home, in the garden!
This weekend is the pre, Infants and Junior school fete (a joint affair) (unfortunately on Sunday afternoon as not to clash with something else happening on Saturday, can’t remember what off hand some sporting event or something.) I shall be doing the usual clowning bit (including opening the fete) my boys love it when I do the whole clowning thing because they get to call me ‘Silly Simon’. My concerns are heat, two hours on stilts wearing big hat and two pairs of trousers, I think lots of water will be drunk, other concern is what I might get asked for this year, last year one mother (of a child in Zac my eldest’s class (although he wasn’t last year)) asked for a black sward (fine) then added could I making kind of s**ual. So far the strangest request I have ever had (BTW I made the black sward as standard and asked no more.)

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