We have moved 2

To take full advantage of the new blogger I have moved my hosting back to the blogger site hence the change in address to www.onmebus.blogspot.com, I’m obviously not so keen on this as an address and am currently looking into other options, even with the changes with the beta version I’m still not completely convinced that Blogger is the tool for me and I am currently therefore also playing around with wordpress as well. I will keep up the redirection but take of the time delay in a few days so don’t feel you need to alter details for that, however if you are using the RSS or Atom feeds to read it you may now not even find out about this post but may need to alter something.

Cheers for now and please bear with me during these changes!

Update: ahhhggggg I’ve just noticed that in moving to bloggers hosting it has lost all my pictures, I might be able to bring them back but I’m not sure, not happy!

Update2: not happy with that so moved back! Still looking at alternatives though.

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