The church of tomorow

Yesterday I was talking with my group about how when we look back 100 – 200 years ago the church seemed to be at the forefront of our society, it was a leader and certainly things like the musical trends would have been influenced or at least reflected in the church. How different the church seems to be today! In many parts the church now has not moved on much since those times and we are now considered an outdated establishment with nothing relevant to say to the world around us. Where have we gone wrong? And how do we start to turn things back around, the Bible I read speaks of a Jesus who was always relevant to the people he spoke to, often challenging but always relevant. We went on to talk about how things like the Make Poverty History Campaign are perhaps slowly beginning to awaken the church again, but we have a long way to go and we need to make it last, what a challenge lays before us!
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