Happy Christmas

Well this will probably now be the last post this side of Christmas, in fact quite possibly this year so thought I would update you briefly on the thinking about the blog and where it will be etc. Having played around with WordPress there are some features I really like and on the whole I think it probably has the potential to be slightly better than the new blogger, that said though, so far I have only worked with wordpress.com the hosted version which is quite restricting in what you can do and I have to say from having looked at that I think out of the two blogger wins hands down if you need a hosted blog (or at least the software as I host the blog myself but use blogger’s engine to write it). I hope in the new year to have a little play around with a self hosted copy of wordpress which I think is probably going to be better for me in the long run as this gives all the advantages of the wordpress engine with none of the restrictions of the hosted version. To give brief comment on other options voxtropolis appears to be the new kid on the block, I’ve had a brief look wasn’t all that impressed to be honest, doesn’t appear to have the power or ease of use of blogger. Typepad and SquareSpace both look very good, very similar in some respects to wordpress in terms of power and format, although remotely hosted I think you get away without having the restrictions that you get with wordpress.com the thing that stopped me looking too closely was the fact that you have to pay, I would suggest if you want power, hassle free and you don’t mind paying give these two a look, if you want almost as much power but not complete freedom but for free and easy to run blogger is the place to be, however if you want it all and you want it free wordpress look like filling that gap but you have to know a bit more about what you are doing with servers etc (or find someone to help who does). I’ll let you know how I get on soon.

For now though have a great Christmas and New Year, take it easy and I’ll see you here soon.

God bless

One thought on “Happy Christmas

  • January 20, 2007 at 11:08 pm

    Ok, post Xmas, but having a look around after finding you via my Google FAF search 😀

    I’m having the same sort of quandries on blogging software. I’ve had a Xanga blog for over 5 years now, but want to move (mostly for reasons of privacy), and would like to take it under my own domain. I’ve not actually found the answer because I don’t want my domain to be “just a blog”, and I don’t want to use a full CMS because that’s overkill for what I need. Anyhooo……. lol

    Rambling again – I’m just happy I found another FAF freak – only just down the road from me too (I’m in Swindon) 🙂




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