9 years on

Yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary, wow 9 years, and pretty good ones at that I have to say, so to celebrate we went out and saw the new Bond film last night, I had heard quite a lot about it some good and some bad but I have to say most of it quite accurate. On the whole I liked it, a good story, good acting etc but I did miss some of the humour of more recent Bond films. On the whole definitely worth seeing, and probably worth seeing on the big screen but I wouldn’t get too upset if you miss it I think it’ll be ok on DVD. If I were to be buying bond films would I include this one, not sure probably but it wouldn’t be a priority.

To make up fir the lack of humour in the film here’s a great game found via youthblog (and he found via Gim D)

Thinking of fun games for Christmas, here’s a couple of others:-

Baseball (just press the left mouse button you’ll soon get the hang of it!)

Bowling (this one you have to download but there are now three versions and there all free.)

I may update you on the whole blog hosting front soon (but then Gill said that was boring and she didn’t want to read it)

PS. as I logged on I noticed that the new blogger is no longer in beta so if you’ve not upgraded yet it’s about time you did!

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