Amazing Matrix

Thought it was about time to write something about Matrix.
A great time, really good to catch up with friends like agent K (will she keep up the promise to start blogging again?), the Good doctor, the newly renamed hobnob, Holy Phil & Little Alice, along with so many other friends old and new, on which point I should also include Pete as another blogger who was there!
We had some great keynote speakers on The youthworker as… Theologian, Leader, Missionary & Prophet all fantastic. Then there were the workshops, I attended one on extended schools which was very helpful being involved in the local response to this government initiative. Another one on Career or Calling with some great discussion and the last one I did was Creative Technology or ‘Can blogging serve youth ministry’ looking at blogging and social networking and run by Mr Youthblog himself.
Matrix is great, if you’ve not been, go next time, if you are involved in Christian youth work no other conference (that I have been to at least) can match it in terms of quality of content and networking.
Thank you to all those involved in organising the event and to all those who come and make it such a great few days. I was hoping some of those linked to above would have published some great notes from some of the talks but this hasn’t happened so far but there are of course other reflections on the last few days, I guess you’ve missed out by not being there, there is some stuff on the Amaze site though so you could check that out.
For now though see you later!

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