Looking back to Easter

I still like to consider myself fairly young, I know that for some who read this I maybe respectively young, for others and for many of those I work with I am considered quite old but on the whole I still think of myself as reasonably young, in terms of lifespan. I still (hopefully) have a considerable amount more life ahead of me than behind. But what has this got to do with Easter you ask yourself, well it was on Good Friday, at the end of the service that it stuck me although I consider myself still in the early part of my life it was at the same age as I am now that Jesus went to the cross. It just got me thinking about how much more of life I still see before me, the things I want to do, and I have already done more than some people of my age in terms of having a family etc that I want to enjoy as I watch and take part in their growing up. And yet for Jesus in terms of his human experience it was now at an end, most people of my age would feel the same about their future, for most of us the end is a long way off, were still in that stage of life when we don’t even really think about it and yet Christ gave it all up, still a young man, still from the human perspective with so much ahead of him, yet he was prepared to give that up for like likes of me!

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