Decisions decisions?

Next month it will be 4 years since I started OnMeBus and as I’m sure (if anyone still reads) you will have noticed that over the past few months things have gotten to be rather quite on here, in fact in the last six months I have only written three posts. So I have been thinking it has come to crunch time, either I need to pick it up again and start trying to use it, or it is time to call ‘last stop’. I suppose the thing is I haven’t stopped writing because nothing has been going on in fact it’s more because of time pressures but in the past I have found the exorcise of writing on hear quite a helpful one and at the moment lots is going on. Back in May I was writing about visits to the DDO, these have been continuing and I am still on the journey of discovering where God is calling me to in my future ministry. So my plan is that I am going to try and get back in the drivers seat and steer this hear blog into the new adventure, into the future.
So just to update where I am at the moment, I now have about 6.5 months left on my current contract, I will have been in Faringdon for 5 years by the end of it. I am going to a selection conference in April and will then hopefully know where the future leads a bit more, if the conference says yes then September/October time should see me heading off back to theological college to train as a priest within the Anglican Church, if they say no, then who knows where we might be heading. And even if we do know that there is still the question of August/September and what might be happening then.
So here’s to getting back OnMeBus and an exciting New Year ahead of us.
God bless you all.

One thought on “Decisions decisions?

  • January 10, 2009 at 11:02 am

    So glad it’s not the last stop… there are too many cancellations of service in the rural setting already! I’d hate Onmebus to follow that trend.

    Looking forward to the new year!

    God bless


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